Things don’t happen for reasons, they happen for Value. The “reason” something happens, is just a story you tell yourself, about why things are the way they are, so somehow life seems a little bit better in some way. It is just a story. Life happens for Value! In every experience there is an opportunity to realize the Value of a new sensation, thought or feeling. In every situation and Desire there is the potential to learn something new, grow and experience something different. Life is not about results. It is about expression and experience. Honor the Value of what is now. Value the opportunity at hand to grow and you will be guided to your wish.

The vibrant alive color of the flowers embraces the sunlight drinking in the Value of life. Within each flower holds the precious insides bearing the pollen of the future. Each flower reveals Value as it’s petals unfold and create an unique opportunity for splendor and growth.

The Question to Ask yourself is…
What is the opportunity for me to learn or experience?

The Activity to Engage in is…
Where are you experiencing difficulty in your life? The difficulty is reflecting a growth process that you may be resisting. Take a few minutes of quiet time and connect with your Inner Wisdom. Ask your Inner Wisdom “What is the opportunity for me to learn or experience with this difficult situation?”, listen to its answer and honor the Value of the process you are in.

The Affirmation to work with is…
I honor the Value of what I am learning and experiencing!

Life Shaping Deck - Insight Card - Value
 Leianne Wilson

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