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Healing - Life Shaping Deck

Your Card Message:

Living life and responding to all the stimuli in our world that is negatively based tends to wear the body, mind and heart out sometimes. When you are down it is your Soul calling out to you that it needs more attention. There needs to be more of a focus on what really matters to you deep inside. Healing is a process of letting go of that which no longer serves you and being committed to what does. It’s also about letting go of what you think you know and being open to focusing what is of true Value. Once you understand the Value the need for pain and discomfort ceases and Healing begins.

This is an INFLUENCE Card

This is your INFLUENCE! It is a wave of specific energy the Universe will be sending your way to influence the situation. You want to be particularly aware of this guidance because it offers what you are to be watching for. It is a quality that will bring in the most influence into creating a shift in the direction of your desire. Focusing on activating more of this quality in your life now will be greatly beneficial!

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