Joy - Life Shaping Deck

Your Card Message:

Joy goes beyond happiness. It is something more fulfilling and stirs the Soul. It is the reason you really came to be here on this planet. It is what makes life delicious. Joy can be found in anything anywhere, but you have to be tuned into it. The more you aim for Joy the more opportunities show up in your life to experience it. It has a contagious snowball effect. Put your attention on that which makes you smile inside out and appreciate how it makes you feel. Honor how good it feels to go beyond the satisfaction of fleeting happiness and instead into the fulfilling arms of Joy.

This is an INFLUENCE Card

This is your INFLUENCE! It is a wave of specific energy the Universe will be sending your way to influence the situation. You want to be particularly aware of this guidance because it offers what you are to be watching for. It is a quality that will bring in the most influence into creating a shift in the direction of your desire. Focusing on activating more of this quality in your life now will be greatly beneficial!

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