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Manifesting your Desires is like baking a cake. It takes a few different ingredients, mixed together, to turn it into a delicious treat. By themselves, each ingredient is important, but it isn’t until they are all combined, that the magic begins to happen. Manifesting is the same way. The right ingredients need to be mixed together to turn them into something you get to experience in your life. When you have the right mix, then you can sit back and let the oven do the work. When you are working on making a wish real it is all in the preparation and combining. Then you can sit back and let “The Ultimate Source” (God, The Universe, Your Higher Power, what ever you chooses to call it) do the work. You will still have to keep an eye on what is cooking in the oven, maybe adjust the temperature. Paying attention keeps you alert and aware of its progress (you wouldn’t want to burn your manifesting cake).

Ingredient #1 Desire

What do you want? Why do you want it? What’s the bottom line? Coming up with something you wish for is easy. It’s asking yourself some introspective questions like “why do you want it” and “what purpose does it serve me”. Humans are emotionally motivated. Everything we want is based on the desire to experience an emotion. It’s not the thing that you really want, but the experience you anticipate enjoying. What is it you really want? What are you anticipating you will experience from having your wish come true? What is the emotion you are looking to feel? What quality of life are you really aching to experience?

It is the experience you want to be wishing for, not the thing. When you are clear about what you really want to “experience” The Ultimate Source will focus its attention on bringing it into your reality. Being clear on what you desire to experience allows for flexibility. When you are focused on a wish based on your true desire (the experience you anticipate) you open up more ways for The Ultimate Source to deliver it.

Ingredient #2 Insight

The truth is that you are creating your life every moment of every day. Most people do it unconsciously. The whole point is to do it consciously (that’s what and Life Shaping is all about).

If you had all the ingredients in place you would already have your cake. You would already be enjoying your wish. If you aren’t already experiencing your Desire it means you are missing one of the ingredients. You are missing thoughts and feelings that match your Desire. You can not experience your Desire unless deep inside yourself your thoughts and feelings are in alignment with receiving it. It is kind of like trying to grow a water lily in the desert. Your wish needs a fertile environment that supports it happening, other wise it will wither and die.

Think about how easy it is to get distracted when you are making a cake. The phone rings and you have a conversation with someone that gets you thinking about something else. You see something out the window, or get distracted with another task, next you know you can’t remember which ingredients have made it into the cake batter.

Your thoughts and feelings regarding your Desire fluctuate and change as you interact with your world. Sometimes those fluctuations can cause you to get off track. Sometimes you thought you were on track and never actually were. It would be like mixing up the cake batter, and thinking that “it’s no big deal” to skip the baking powder because you didn’t have any in the cupboard. You need baking powder in order for the cake to rise. It may be only one ingredient, but it is a very important one!

If your Desire isn’t already here, you are missing an important ingredient; the thoughts and feelings that support an environment your Desire needs, to be created and experienced in. The thoughts and feelings you need to be working with is called “Insight”. “Insight” is the information that can shift your focus. It allows you to know how to think, feel and do, to be in alignment with what you desire, so that The Ultimate Source can deliver.

This is why this site has -the Online Oracle Serendipity (Free) which is all about getting the Insight you need to help you think, feel, and be in alignment with your wish. You may think you know it all…..but the bottom line is….if you did….you would already have it.

Ingredient #3 Belief

As we just clarified your thoughts, feelings and actions, need to be in alignment with what you desire in order for it to manifest. This means you need to be “believing” you can experience your wish. You must believe it is possible. You must have faith that you are a creator and that The Ultimate Source is listening to your request, and wants to deliver. You must believe you are worth giving yourself the gift of your wish. With out faith, there is no belief, there will be no manifesting.

Belief is like sitting back and letting the oven do the work. You have done the preparation (Desiring & working with Insight), now it is time to ALLOW the magic to happen and bake up your wish. When you put a cake in the oven to bake, that is exactly what you expect it to do, and you can walk away from it for awhile, and put your attention on some other things, knowing the cake will still be baking in the oven ready for you when the time comes.

If you feel you are short on belief when it comes to your Desire, one of the best things you can do is find stories of other people, and what wishes have come true for them. Try to find stories in books, online, or through friends. Then record a short summary of the story for yourself in a journal. Keep adding to the list. It will build your belief in what is possible. Then start noticing what good things are happening for you in your life. Record them in a journal. This builds your belief that the things that make you feel good are available to you, which will keep you in alignment with receiving your Desire.

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    Great analogy Leianne! Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too?! Thanks for all your wonderful insight and encouragement.