Why You Don’t Have What You Want – Belief and The Law of Attraction

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If You Don’t Have What You Want it’s because of your Belief and The Law of Attraction. What is the number one reason you don’t have what you want? BELIEF, BELIEF, BELIEF …and did I mention…. BELIEF Shall we repeat it….. BELIEF, BELIEF & BELIEF! What you believe becomes. That is how the law of attraction works. What is belief anyway?

Belief is an association. It is a thought, that links together other thoughts and ideas, which formulate a conclusion. “I believe in Santa Claus” really means “I believe the jolly man in the red suit is real, and not just a figment of my imagination”.

Since your thoughts and feelings, attract to you situations, conditions and circumstances that make your life…….”what you believe becomes”. That is the law of attraction expressed into life.

Your thoughts send signals (vibrations of different frequencies) out to The Ultimate Source (God, Your Higher Power, The Universe…what ever label you choose). It reads your signals like an order form, and begins to create situations, conditions and circumstances that match your signal.

Here is where it gets complicated. You have lots, and lots, and lots of beliefs. You have learned them all, from all kinds of sources, everything from TV to parents. These are all subjective sources. The beliefs they passed to you were passed to them…and so on.

A belief is something you believe “to be so”. That doesn’t necessarily mean it actually is. Your father may believe “dogs are mans best friend”, but TV has taught you “dogs can kill you”. Do you believe dogs are good or bad? Which is it? Now you have a pair of conflicting beliefs. You have lots of conflicting beliefs. So many, you can’t keep them all straight, so they get backlogged into your subconscious. Conflicting beliefs send out mixed and garbled signals to The Ultimate Source. It is like reading a purchase order after a glass of water has been spilled all over it. Conflict creates distortion, which ends up manifesting as mixed and garbled request signals that end up in the form of messy situations, lacking conditions, and not so desirable circumstances.

If you clean up your beliefs, and choose the ones that serve you, you can identify the conflicting ones and toss them away. It is when you choose to believe in what supports manifesting your desires that you start sending clear signals to The Ultimate Source. Then it can easily deliver to you clear reflections of what you desire in situations, conditions and circumstances in your life, thus envoking the law of attraction manifesting.

What makes belief so important and pivotal in getting what you want from life is this. The conclusion of a belief always infers “it is so”. That’s why we call it a belief. You believe it to be so. Belief is faith. Faith is unwavering belief “it is already”. When you are coming from the “it is so” perspective you are sending a very strong message to The Ultimate Source that “it already is” which clears the path for The Ultimate Source to powerfully serve it up. Delivery is the law of attraction in action.

Cleaning out the junky belief systems now in place is a project. It is the most important project you will face when going for your dreams and making them real. If you don’t know how to get them straightened out, it is easy to get lost in the project, making it more difficult to find your way clear to sending out those strong signals of what you want, so you can experience it. That is why Wisdom Woods exists.

Imagine taking on the project of hunting down the beliefs that conflict with what you want, to be like going on safari. You’re not going to go out into the wild with out a map, a guide that knows the land, and the proper equipment. You are going to encounter some unexpected things, make mistakes, and need to make adjustments. You will learn a lot from your journey and will want to take notes and pictures to refer to when you get home.

Life Shaping is the equipment you take on your journey to clean up your beliefs (If you want a guide you want a personal Life Shaping Coach). Your Life Journal becomes the map that sets the course for manifesting your desires, as well as the journal and pictures you capture along the way. Wouldn’t you like to be on the path of clearly requesting what you want…and getting it?

Hope you enjoyed these words on Belief and the law of attraction!

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