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Leianne Wilson Intuitive Sage Sound Shaman

Leianne Wilson

After years of  service and collecting modalities, processes, techniques, tools, methods, knowledge and experience I bring it all to the table for a Session.

Rather then limit you to a particular service, enjoy the benefit of a palette of services from an Intuitive Spiritual Energy Specialist…a “Sage”!

When we get together for a Private Session or a Group Event all the skills and talents I have gained through the decades I offer with the Intention of being a guide, mentor to you on your life journey.

What to Expect from a Session


As an Intuitive my perspective reaches beyond allowing us to access new possibilities.


A Sage coaches, supports, understands and helps to find new creative wise approaches.


A Sage takes all their wise knowledge, resources and wisdom to open up Solutions.

Intuitive Sage Leianne Wilson

Intuitive Sage and Sound Shaman - Leianne WilsonLeianne has developed a unique background in, metaphysics, the intuitive arts, paranormal, psychotherapy and life management. Recognizing that true health and well-being, come from working with and understanding the body, mind and soul. I have immersed myself in all kinds of processes, methods and techniques in all areas of health and well-being including yoga instruction.

She is educated and skilled in business, management, marketing, internet, leadership, psychology, metaphysics and nutrition. Which makes for a unique blend in helping individuals, to executives and entrepreneurs.

She has appeared on numerous tv and radio spots in different areas of the country and presently serves clients across the globe. Gotta love the world and the technology that makes that possible. She has taught over forty different workshops and seminars on the subject of personal growth, developing intuition, manifesting and Life Shaping.

Energy Sound healer, Intuitive - Leianne WilsonLeianne Wilson is an Intuitive Revealer, Crystal Singing Bowl Player, Vibrational Therapist and Yoga Instructor. The heart of her practice is rooted in moving energy to create transformation.

She has developed a unique expertise in metaphysics, the intuitive arts, life management, yoga, sound, quantum physics and spirituality. She has 30+ yrs of experience in the field of spiritual growth, personal development, and has created a series of tools, programs and techniques to assist people in escalating their personal growth, creating transformation to manifest the life desired.

She is creator of the “Life Shaping Program” , The Life Shaping Deck – Oracle Cards, Authored a Best Selling Book and produced the Crystal Singing Bowl CD “Tonality”. She provides personal Intuitive Readings, Coaching, Yoga Instruction, has taught workshops across the nation, appeared on numerous tv and radio spots and authored 4 Books.

She is an excellent source to consult when you’re looking for clarity and solutions or to manifest. She has helped many people across the globe demonstrating when you Shift your Body, Mind and Soul…you can create anything!

Best-Selling Author of “Life Shaping Questions”

Get Your Copy !

Over 35 years (started young) of collective study through mentor-ship and education in the field of metaphysics and spirituality. Lectured at over 50 events on a variety of topics regarding the mind, and spirituality.

Designed the “Life Shaping” course to introduce and integrate spirituality into every day life and business.

Completed Yoga Instructor Certification.

Served on the staff for Depak Chopra seminars.

Served 8 years on the exclusive staff of psychics for Psychic Fairs Inc. in New York.

Served 2 years on the highly reputable staff of psychics for Vision Quest in Arizona

Owned and operated “Moon Creations”, metaphysical center for 2 years.

Professional Intuitive
Life Shaping Coach
Psychic Clairvoyant and Medium
Sound Healer
Crystal Singing Bowl Player
Certified Hypnotherapist
Yoga Instructor
Cacao Priestess
Advanced Reiki Master
Certified Nutritional Microscopist
NLP Practitioner
National Speaker
Associates Business Degree
(the list goes on with all kinds of silly titles, certifications, alphabets and initials, blah, blah, blah)

About Being a Sage

A “Sage” is like a counselor, advisor or coach. They have walked a path of nature, spirit and intimately understand the laws of the Universe. Their core driving force is always in pursuit of living a more meaningful life. 

A Sage is passionate about sharing wisdom gained with others seeking guidance on their personal path of growth. Thus why a Sage is viewed as a Wise Man/Woman. They teach more with experience than by words and have a well rounded background to council from.

In the past different cultures used Sages as a source of reputable guidance and sought their council before making decisions or taking actions.

There isn’t a college degree yet available to become a Sage. It is instead the school of hard knocks, self study and mentorship under other wise men and women that cultivate the Sage’s skills and knowledge.

It is walking the talk and experiencing life through that knowledge that seasons one into a Sage.

A Sage not only talks the talk, but walks the walk so as to be a good example inside out for those that seek council and truly speak from experience.

Most Therapists have a formal background from an educational institution which rarely requires the student to learn through personal transformation experience. Most therapists never go through the work of inner healing and evolving.

Most therapeutic process are centered around the client reflecting consciously on inward based questions. This leaves out the role of the subconscious mind which can be key a element in the growth process.

A Sage on the other hand would be more focused on offering some wise guidance (coaching) and leading the querent to an alternative view through self discovery and an altered state incorporating the subconscious mind.

A Sage would then be looking to put them to task to experience that wisdom for themselves and excite a growth process as well as success. 

SAGE (noun)
a profoundly wise person; a person famed for wisdom.
someone venerated for the possession of wisdom, judgment, and experience.

Sage (philosophy)
“A Sage, in classical philosophy, is someone who has attained wisdom. The term has also been used interchangeably with a ‘good person’, and a ‘virtuous person’. The sage is one who lives “according to an ideal which transcends the everyday.”