What is a Transformation Session?

We all have things that are missing in our lives, or things that frustrate us, patterns or situations that keep showing up that we don’t want, as well as things that we desire that don’t show up.
I work with people to help change that.

What is it you are tired of dealing with?
What is it that’s seems like no matter how hard you try it just never changes?

A Transformation Session is about getting you tuned in, tapped in and turned on to changing your life!
It’s about resetting your Vibration (which creates your reality through The Law of Attraction) and becoming a clear beacon attracting what is specific to you to spark Transformation.

A Transformation Session is about understanding your attitudes, beliefs, perceptions, emotions and cultural dictations and how they conflict with your desires. It’s about understanding how you got where you are, and where you really want to go.

A Transformation Session is about clearing the path of negative attitudes, beliefs, perceptions, emotions and cultural dictations that are cluttering your vibration and transforming them into ones that support a unique frequency that will create and attract into your life more of what you desire.

That sounds like a lot of spiritual inner work right?
IT’S NOT! Not when you and I work together and I can guide you using a special set of Life Shaping Techniques to get you there. They should be called Life Shaping Inner Work Out Short Cuts! Each technique is designed to facilitate quick breakthroughs and profound shifts.

I have many methods and lots of experience working with body, mind and soul to achieve transformation including vibrational therapy, energy work, sound healing and subconscious reframing. A Transformation Session will include a variety of techniques aimed at getting the results we are looking to achieve.

A typical Transformation Session may include the use of Intuitive Insight, Guided Meditation /Hypnotherapy, Life Shaping Techniques (as well as other practical and playful activities), Crystal Singing Bowls, Tuning Forks, Crystals. Each session is customized to your needs with a customized Follow Up Program to support your success.

How does a Transformation Session Work?

You choose the focus of Transformation!
What is it you are looking to really change?
Book your Session using the handy “Book Now” button !

Through a private personal session (by phone or in person) we will use a customized  set of Life Shaping Techniques that will activate Vibrational Frequencies creating Breakthroughs and Transformations for you.

You will walk away with a much deeper and clearer understanding of why things have been the way they have and what new shifts you created in our session designing into manifestation what you chose.

What makes these sessions so powerful is the unique Follow Up Support Program we will take with you turning Transformation into Actualization!