Are you feeling stuck, frozen, or unmotivated to change what you know you need to, and want to?

Do you notice the same things happening over and over to you?

Does you see a pattern that continually plays out in your life,… no matter how hard you try to shake it?

Breakthrough1Or maybe you have just been wacked with life’s sledgehammer, and find yourself in pain or internal discomfort?

Ughhh…it just sucks, and being in that place increases the stress, while you internally beat yourself up for not “having it together”!

There is a “light at the end of the tunnel”.

You can break free!

You can feel good!

You can create change that benefits you!

It doesn’t matter what the issue. Whether it be weight, money, heartache, illness… There is relief! There is healing! There is power! There is resolution! There is triumph!

You just haven’t figured out what’s at the bottom of it all.

You see, our minds are incredible things. Believe it or not (the research is well documented) your thoughts and feelings influence the life that your living and creating.

Underneath every obstacle, desire, dilemma or challenge…is thought and feeling.

And thought and feeling are the source of your power, and also the source of your problems.

That’s where a Breakthrough Package comes in… That’s where the skill and talent of a 30 year intuitive coach, like me, comes in.

When you and I collaborate we will get “down and dirty”,


We will get to the bottom of it all! And then we will rework it, redefine it, rediscover it, find your light, and go after your success!

Your Breakthrough Package will include

5 personal sessions with me!

  • We will fully explore your issue, challenge or dilemma.
  • We will get you really clear on what you desire.
  • We will tap you in, tune you up, and turn you on!
  • We will heal the wounds, shift the beliefs, transform the pain!

We will set you free, Get you the motivation, insight and power to initiate change.

And I will stand in your corner, to create with you, what you desire!

I will be there for you as you turn your Breakthrough into SUCCESS!

Are you ready to get started changing your life?

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Breakthrough Package $375 (5 sessions)

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