Intuitive Readings

by Leianne Wilson

Life has a way of delivering some very interesting curve-balls!

The complexity and variety of situations, circumstances and conditions we work with and call “Life” is dumbfounding, and sometimes downright difficult.

That’s where I come in…

I have been working with people for over 20 years using my intuitive talents to help people, just just like you, get the clarity and insight on their lives they ache for.

I help people get answers to questions about their life.

Don’t you wonder where things are going,
why the people in your life do what they do,
and how best to handle things?

Wouldn’t that make a difference?

An Intuitive Reading is a tool for creating positive change. Once you get some clarity on things then we will explore what you can be doing to get on the path you desire. Use your Intuitive Reading to get tuned in to what influences you can work with to create the positive changes in your life you want!

Take a ride through the events and dynamics of your life. We will explore the topics of your choice and get you the clarity and understanding you need to create more of what you desire!

Ask your questions, make a list, and we will go to town! What do you want to know about your life, and the direction it is going? This is your time to ask, and get, insight from a 30 yr professional psychic.

A little preparation goes a long way when it comes to your Intuitive Reading, or any of my spiritual services!
It’s my goal to use our time together as wisely and productively as possible. I want you to get the most you can from your Intuitive Reading or Session.

  •  I look forward to assisting you in getting the information you need to better handle your life & influence it.
  •  I look forward to escorting you into a better understanding of your life’s path.
  •  I look forward to peering into the future, and glimpsing your glory, your happiness, your success.
  •  I relish the idea of opening doors of insight that give you sanity, direction and confidence.
  •  I savor the opportunity to be a part of shaping of your life!

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