Is it a Soulmate or a Karmic Connection?

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In my experience of doing thousands of readings for people and lots and lots of past life regressions I have found that there are soulmates and there are karmic connections. Both types have strong emotional, spiritual pulls and magnetisms and can be easily mistaken one for another. Let’s clarify the differences. But first indulge me in my explanation of blue printing, to better understand how this system seems to work, and how it relates to one person being more attracted than another.

Blueprints & Soulmates

Blue Printing is the general guidelines you design for the life you are about to enter into. Very much like a house blue print, it shows the structure of the intent of the sojourn. This contains things like the purpose/mission you have chosen to cultivate, significant challenges and learning opportunities, the environment, culture, and parents to best facilitate your sojourn, as well as a your significant role players, and soul mates.

Once you make it to earth though, it is important to recognize free will rules. In other words the blue print displays the original idea of structure, but once you’re here on earth you can knock down walls or decorate how ever you choose. Because of the free will factor you usually schedule in a few soul mates in hopes that one or two will work out to be actual long term partnerships.


Soulmates (in my version of that term) are souls that before you came into body you have a heightened connection with and choose to meet up with for meaning and purpose during your sojourn on earth, and are in hopes of developing a lasting meaningful, mutually beneficial relationship. They seem to be special souls you have a real deep affinity and bond with. (These are not to be confused with Twin flames, which is another post.)

In my experience souls do keep these soul preferences outside of human form. Unfortunately, sometimes the free will factor, the ego factor, and so much of the messiness of earth living, can cloud either party from really recognizing the true potential of the alliance possible.

Karmic Connections

Karmic Connections are souls that you have unfinished business with, and have also scheduled into your blue print, with hopes of coming full circle with your desired outcome of the intended learning experience. In other words they are characters in your play to allow you the opportunity to learn, grow and expand from. Because their original design is to stretch you….they are often the most troubling and struggle ridden relationships.

Karmic Connections have a strong magnetism, usually in the beginning of the relationship. The strong pull is each souls “calling” (like a mating dance) to fulfill the agreements made in blue printing. It is like ringing a loud dinner bell, which has to be strong, or it would be easy for either party to just keep walking (which of course does happen some times as per free will).

Karmic Connections usually account for why some times one person feels much stronger about the other, and the feeling isn’t mutual. Usually the one with the stronger feelings is the one with the biggest learning lesson to gain. These souls may show up in our lives to play the roles of lovers, friends, bosses etc., but you know them by how strongly you felt about them.

You have quite deliberately chosen the souls in your blue printing, and if some how because of free will they fail to execute their role, the universe in its infinite possibilities will find an understudy, and make sure they show up in your reality. As for soul mates, even if they all go down hill there is still hope, for the universe will find a way to send one through that is special to you and decided to help you out in a pinch,, or it will send your way some one perfectly matched to build a new deep connection to that will forever last as a new soulmate.

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