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Custom Design your personal Sound Tool Kit.

Visit our Sound Shop and through a personalized session of consultation we will we define for you the perfect set of Sound Tools to support your spiritual growth.

Consultations are Live or Virtual (via Zoom)

Your personal Sound Tool Kit may include Singing Bowls, Drums, Gong, Tuning Forks or Rain Sticks.

We have it all! Together we can discover which instruments are the best and resonate with you!

(You may purchase single items and build your Kit slowly)

Choose your Sound Tools & We'll Ship them to You!

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Crystal Singing Bowls

$79- $699 (Full Set)

Grail Bowls


Wind Chimes


Single Chimes


Tuning Forks


Drums & Shakers


Rain Sticks


Also Available to Support your Spiritual Journey:

Life Shaping Oracle Deck

Oracle Card Deck based on Life Shaping $25

Crystal Spheres