Chakra Spin

Workshop Duration:  Flexible- 2hrs to 6hrs

  • Detecting and Identifying the Integrity of your Chakras
  • The Personal Benefits of Working with your Chakras
  • What You Can Do with your Chakras
  • Turning a Blockage into a Breakthrough
  • How to Power Up and Spin Your Chakras

This in depth workshop is designed to give you a hands on approach to understanding the key energy vortex centers within you – your Chakras. Not only will we explore the aspects of all 7 different Chakras but you will have the opportunity to see what shape your Chakra System is in and experience the power of learning to Spin your Chakras to enhance every aspect of your life. Discover the science behind this incredible subtle body system and explore your potential to work with Chakra energy to improve everything from health to relationships!

Leianne WilsonComment