Get Your Glow On

Workshop Duration:  Flexible- 90 min to 2hrs

  • Discover What’s Behind that Glow Yogis Radiate
  • Learn How to Increase your Own Glow and Radiance
  • Understand the Many Side Benefits a Radiant Glow Produces in your Life
  • Experience the Role of Yoga, Meditation and a High Vibe Diet in Getting your Glow On

Ever notice those devoted Yogis or Yoga Instructors that just seem to glow? They seem at peace, going with the flow and just radiating a comfort with life. There is a reason for that. This workshop explores what’s behind the glow and how you can enjoy the same radiance (and look younger too). You will get specific pointers and techniques to enjoy the many benefits of glowing!

Leianne WilsonComment