Inner Child to Ideal Self

Workshop Duration:  Flexible- 2hrs to 4hrs

  • Understand the Role your Inner Child plays in your life today
  • Discover the Ideal Self Within You and Using Yoga to Free it!
  • Experience the Power of Having your Inner Child and Ideal Self Team Up to Help You Get More of What You Want In Life!

The practice of Yoga speaks to both the adult and child within. Understanding your Inner Child and your Ideal Self and their relationship can be incredibly freeing, enlightening and powerful. This workshop is designed to provide a sound foundation in identifying, relating, healing and empowering through the art of Yoga to your Inner Child and bringing forth your Ideal Self. Your Ideal Self is the part of you that can walk through life balanced, whole and in full connection to your powerful potential. Experience what it is like to free your Inner Child and utilize the grand confidence of your Ideal Self.

Leianne WilsonComment