Intuitive Intelligence - Your Sixth Sense

Workshop Duration:  Flexible- 90 min to 6hrs

  • Understand the Nature of How Information Flows through your Brain - You Are Already Intuitive
  • Discover Ways to Tap In to your Intuitive Intelligence
  • Learn Ways to Use your Sixth Sense to Navigate Life and Feel More Confident in your Decision Making
  • Understand How and Why Yoga & Meditation are a Natural Booster for your Sixth Sense

You are naturally intuitive, you just haven’t learned how your brain processes that information and how you can be aware of it. In this workshop we will explore techniques and exercises that will open you up to being aware of your own internal intuitive guidance system and how to utilize it. You will be amazed at how sharp your sixth sense is and the great value of information is has to offer you. We will also explore how you can develop and use your intuitive intelligence to navigate life’s difficult challenges with clarity and confidence.

Leianne WilsonComment