Living High Vibe

Workshop Duration:  Flexible- 90 min to 3hrs

  • Understand the Nature of Vibration and its Effects in your Life
  • Experience the difference between Running a Low Vibration vs High Vibration
  • Learn to use Yoga as a tool for raising your Vibration
  • Discover the other Elements that create a High Vibe Lifestyle
  • Enjoy the Joy, Peace, Abundance and Opportunity of High Vibe Living

Don’t you just love it when it seems “everything is going your way”? There is a reason that happens! It has everything to do with understanding how vibration works and utilizing the fundamentals of Yoga to raise your vibration. This workshop is designed to explore the ways you can make changes to adopt a more high vibration lifestyle and raise your frequency on a daily basis sustaining “everything going your way”!

Leianne WilsonComment