Raise Your Vibration

Workshop Duration:  Flexible- 90min -2hrs

  • Experience the Nature of Energy and Vibration
  • Understand How Vibration Effects Your Every Day Life
  • Discover How You Can Change Your Vibration through Yoga
  • Learn a Breath Technique to Clear and Raise Your Vibration

Discover how vibration effects your everyday life and how you can raise your Vibration to enhance every aspect of your life. Science is discovering that everything is not only energy but follows patterns of vibration that are determining the outcomes and conditions of your life. Understand the language of vibration and how you can influence your own vibration raising it to improve health, relationships and creating opportunity! Learn how to raise your Vibration!

This workshop will include a mixture of breath, movement, education, activity, and meditation. It is recommended that you bring water, your mat, and a sitting cushion.

Leianne WilsonComment