The Power of Shape

  • Workshop Duration:  Flexible- 2hrs to 6hrs
  • Understand How Shape Influences the World you Live In
  • Get the Shapes of Yoga and How they Improve Balance
  • Discover the Secret Power of Geometry and How It Shapes Reality
  • Learn to use Sacred Geometry and Yoga to Shape Your Life
  • Experience the Power of Making Shapes with your Body and Mind

When you begin to understand the governing codes and patterns of shapes it will open you up to a whole new way of looking at your own life and the world you live in. In this workshop you will get a sound understanding of why making shapes can be fundamental in changing and shaping your life. We will expose you to techniques to work with shape and incorporate into your personal yoga practice. If you are looking to really rev things up in your life this workshop will give you the fuel to skyrocket.

Leianne WilsonComment