Transformation- Life Revolution

Transformation Revolution

High Vibe or Life ShapingWorkshop Duration:  Flexible- 90 min to 6hrs

  • Understand Why Transformation Can Elude You
  • Discover the True Keys to Successful Transformation
  • Experience the Power of Yoga and its Role in Transformation
  • Set your Personal Transformational Revolution Free

Transformation is really an overhaul of your present situations and patterns. Creating a massive shift and change can be difficult with out the understanding of why things are the way they are and what programing may be in your subconscious directing it. This workshop is designed to give you a full understanding of the mechanics of creating deep true long lasting transformation and showing you the powerful short cuts to changing what is holding your desired transformation back. Through the use of special tools like Yoga, you will have the opportunity to go on your own guided transformational journey applying what you learn to any area of life you choose to work on. We will set loose your wave of Transformational Revolution!

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