Your Body Connection

Workshop Duration:  Flexible- 90 min to 3hrs

  • Discover the Amazing Communication System of your Body
  • Learn to Interpret your Body and its Messages to Improve your Wellbeing - beyond what you thought was possible
  • Explore the Depth of Connection Between You and your Body
  • Experience the Value of Knowing, Honoring and Loving your Body
  • Enjoy Yoga and Movement in a whole New Way with a Profound Self Body Connection

How connected are you to your Body? Often, we find ourselves looking at our bodies as the source of frustration and limitation when if we create a better bond with it it can become our best-friend with many benefits.
Your body is the ultimate messenger but often even when we think we have body awareness when it is only on a surface level. This workshop explores the depth of your bodies communication system and how you can use it to greatly improve your wellbeing. We will explore some very unique exercises to improve your connection and awareness with your body and allow you to experience the incredible difference it can make in your yoga practice and life.

Leianne WilsonComment