The 4 Pitfalls to Avoid in Manifesting

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I have been in the field of metaphysics for 30 years and have had a lot of experience with manifesting. It is a process, and everyday is another day in the adventure of discovering what incredibly powerful creators we are. In my experience, these are the most common pitfalls that we all can fall into, consciously and unconsciously, that can block us from manifesting what we desire. Top of the List…Lack of Self Worth!

Let us be clear here. This is not about Self Esteem. Self Esteem is something you build, based on a bunch of reasons why you justify yourself as a good person. If you have Self Worth you don’t need reasons. You already are a wonderful being, and you know it. There is no need to justify it. It just is….that is Self Worth.

With out Self Worth you feel unconsciously unworthy of what you desire. What you desire will make you feel good, that’s why you want it. You must feel good already in order to attract a desire that makes you feel good. Like attracts like.

Self Esteem makes you feel unworthy, because you are reaching out of need, for reasons to justify your worthiness. That counter acts attracting what you desire. When you have to talk yourself into believing you are worthy, with a bunch of reasons why, you are actually reaffirming to yourself you are unworthy, otherwise you wouldn’t have to talk yourself into it. You end up attracting more of the same. You end up attracting more unworthiness.

“You are already ok” as we say in Life Shaping. Already being ok comes from a space of honoring oneself as is, already worthy. That is honoring your self worth which attracts experiences that make you feel good based on already feeling good. Then you are attracting your desires based on already feeling good enough to be worth experiencing your desires and manifesting them.

Letting Others Influence You What you think and feel creates your reality. This means that your perception of how things are, and should be, consciously and unconsciously, shape your life. The question is where did your perceptions come from?

Have you ever read a book that changed your life? Have you ever seen a character in a movie that you wanted to be more like? Have you ever been told by some one you are really bad at something? These are all ways other people have influenced you.

How many times have you had what you thought was a great idea and were all gung-ho, until some one else came along and said something to you about it, that just deflated you. Suddenly the grand brainstorm becomes silly and inconsequential. Then later you discover some else is out there capitalizing on that idea, doing just great with it, and you say quietly to yourself “I knew it was a good idea”.

What you think and believe attracts into your life just that. If you change your mind so does life in what it serves to you. Only your thoughts determine what life you will create. What do other peoples thoughts have to do with it. Their thoughts, opinions, suggestions, feedback, input are just to help you clarify which thoughts you want to choose to stay grounded in, to create what you want. It is your choice, don’t just make it theirs by letting their thoughts determine yours.

Conflicting Beliefs You have lots, and lots, and lots of beliefs. You have learned them all from all kinds of sources, everything from TV to parents. These are all subjective sources. The beliefs they passed to you were passed to them, and they have been passed to them through a long chain of others. This makes for a lot of differing beliefs.

You have lots of conflicting beliefs. So many, you can’t keep them all straight, so they get backlogged into your subconscious. Conflicting beliefs send out mixed and garbled signals to The Ultimate Source. It is like reading a purchase order after a glass of water has been spilled all over it. Conflict creates distortion, which ends up manifesting as mixed and garbled fulfilled requests in the form of messy situations, lacking conditions and not so desirable circumstances.

If you clean up your beliefs, and choose the ones that serve you, you can identify the conflicting ones and toss them away. It is when you choose to believe in what supports manifesting your desires that you start sending clear signals to The Ultimate Source. Then it can easily deliver to you clear reflections of what you desire in the situations, conditions and circumstances of your life.

Losing the Faith I believe this to be the most powerful factor that deprives you from what you want. You simply aren’t sure you can have it. You don’t believe your thoughts and feelings create your reality, and that all you have to do is send out a clear request, and it will go into the works of manifestation. When you really believe, it becomes. If you struggle with this concept, find your faith. Where ever it may be, in a book, in a church, in a website, with a friend. Become a collector of stories where faith has paid off. Pay attention to the small things that you think and feel about, that you notice turn up in your reality. Record them!!! Other wise you tend to forget, that’s why we created your Living Log.

More often than not, if what you want is not in your life now, it is because you probably have fallen unknowingly into a combination of any of these pitfalls. The trick is to figure out how to move beyond them and get to manifesting your desires. If you’re feeling stuck and confused about how to get what you want, you may really get a lot out of a visit to The Serendipity Online Oracle.

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