“The Secret” Simplified

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Ever wonder how the great people that live in the history books did it? Have you ever wondered what exactly it was that made them so different or special, that they were able to do the things they have? What secret did they have you wish you knew? Did they know “The Secret”? Do you? If you haven’t heard of it already, you will want to check it out. It is a DVD that has the strongest buzz I’ve experienced in quite some time. It highlights the “law of attraction” and how powerful your thoughts can be. This film/documentary demonstrates what the power of thought and feeling can do in your life. Many stories and examples of how easy it can be to create the life you desire are illustrated. I have had many personal experiences as well as those of my clients who have found this flick to be profoundly empowering and life transforming. Don’t miss it! ( www.thesecret.tv )

“The Secret” really isn’t a secret at all. The concept that your thoughts and feelings create your reality is as old as Adam & Eve. As mankind has progressed in it’s proliferation of negativity the concepts and principles of “The Secret” have been buried and almost seem a myth. There is something special about this film that really hits home and gets you thinking and feeling about the possibilities that are available to you when you work the concepts.

The foundation concept in “The Secret” , is that what you think and feel about manifests in your life. If you are thinking and feeling positive things you attract them into your life. If you think and feel negative things it will attract negative things into your life. This concept is right on, it just isn’t taking into account all of the thoughts you may be really having, and how they may be inhibiting you from creating positive things.

 For example, let us say you are tired of your work situation and aching for a career change. Every night before you go to bed you say to yourself “I want a new job”. You may pray for it, negotiate with God for it, yet still it doesn’t seem to show up as a blossoming opportunity. There could be many reasons.

I have had many questions about why people feel “The Secret” doesn’t seem to be working in their own lives as successfully as did in Jack Canfield’s life. The reason for that isn’t simple. There are many factors that also play into thinking and feeling your way to bliss. Unfortunately “The Secret” can only cover just so much ground. The ground it covers is an excellent foundation. It is when you begin to get serious about creating your life that you bump into some of the factors that may prevent you from having what you want.

One of the reasons may be, your conscious thoughts and feelings, may not be the same as your subconscious thoughts and feelings on the subject. For instance, let’s say the last time you switched jobs you were nervous and stressed for the first month and had trouble sleeping every night of that month. That memory and association is stored in your subconscious. When your subconscious catches on to your “want” for a new job, this is what it will remember and dwell on underneath the surface of your conscious mind. In essence your conscious will be shouting out “I want a new job” and your subconscious will be screaming “Noooo, that was hell last time, I don’t want that!” This sends out conflicting energy and mixed messages out into the universe, resulting in muddied opportunities, half chances, and probably some mix of good and bad luck.

“The Secret” Simplified

The real kicker is…your conscious thoughts and feelings are only about 5% of the thoughts and feelings you’re having. The other 95% belongs to the subconscious. Given those percentages which do you think has more power? The subconscious is an incredibly powerful tool for transformation. Problem is, other than dreaming at night, it is an area of the mind you are not familiar with. When you are not familiar with it….it is difficult to know what it is thinking and feeling.

 Not knowing what the real thoughts and feelings you are carrying about something and what you associate with it can be the biggest stumbling block to having your desires never come to fruition. Learning how your mind works and what you have stored there gives you the opportunity to clean out all the junk, all the negative thoughts and feelings preventing you from creating and living the life you choose.

I think one of the most important points brought out in “The Secret” is that you must be in alignment with what you want. You must be consciously and subconsciously thinking, feeling, imagining and believing it is already yours. Clearly doing that is a process. Well worth it though, because when you are in alignment, you get results, swiftly and usually in a big way!

 How do you get in alignment? What process do you use to get clear? These are questions that get answered in the Life Shaping course if you would like to engage in designing and creating your future. There are also some good books on the subject as well, like “Creative Visualization” by Shatki Gawain.

 The most important step to getting clear and aligned is to start paying attention. Pay attention to your thoughts and feelings and then ask yourself “why do I think or feel that way”. Every time you answer “why”, you are getting clearer. Keep digging, and asking “why” till you get to the core belief or association that has formed your desire or fear. This method helps to bring you beyond your conscious mind and delving in to the subconscious. Then it becomes easier to identify what thoughts and feelings serve you, and which buried ones do not. Once you get good at this, it will become habit, and then you will start to manifest from clarity!!

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