To Manifest More of What You Desire with Vibration

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Do you take the long road of growth to Manifest More of What You Desire, or the Shortcut using Vibration?
The Choice is yours…

Most Gurus and Teachers would have you believe you have to grow and stretch first in order to create and experience manifesting what you Desire.

Growing is strenuous, that’s why the term exists “growing pains”
How many people do you know that learned their greatest lessons through great strife and challenge?

Have you faced hard times and come out the other side consoling yourself with the great lessons learned?

What if you got to skip over the hard part and were able to get the learning and growth while enjoying good times?

If you had a choice…
to Learn & Grow, then Experience your Desires, 
experience your Desires, and Learn & Grow while experiencing your Desires,
… which would you choose?

Arduous Growth has its Value and purpose, but it isn’t necessary in order to open up pathways to getting more of what you Desire. There is a Shortcut!

Your Soul knows the truth, there is a shortcut that is just as effective and powerful that can assist you in creating, experiencing, and manifesting what you Desire…and you can Learn & Grow while enjoying creating, experiencing and manifesting.

Your Soul Knows the Secret to Creating and Experiencing Your Desires Effortlessly,
Without the Pain and Discomfort of Challenging Growth!

The secret your Soul knows is it is all possible through Vibration.
Your Soul is the “Smart You” which I call your Inner Wisdom.
Your Inner Wisdom already understands Vibration.
It already knows how to speak the language and use Vibration to Manifest what you Desire.

Your Mind is designed to manipulate Vibration.
Your Heart is designed to amplify Vibration.
Your Body is designed to identify and interpret Vibration.
Your Soul is designed to generate Vibration.
When you know how to use your Mind, Heart, Body and Soul as it was designed, you can easily Shape your Life Experience into what you Desire.
When you know how to use your Mind, Heart, Body and Soul, you tap your own potential to use the most powerful tool available to you to Shape your Life – VIBRATION!

Using Vibration is simple and easy when you understand What Is Vibration and How Vibration Works.

If you have been involved in personal growth, self development, or spiritual teachings you have become familiar with the concept that your difficult times (problems, challenges) are showing up in order to stretch you to a new understanding or perception, to teach a lesson that is necessary, in order to move you closer to manifesting and experiencing what you Desire.

It would be more accurate to say…
Challenges are showing up in order to stretch you to a new understanding or perception, to teach a lesson in order to move YOUR VIBRATION closer to manifesting and experiencing what you Desire.

It’s not so much about the learning opportunity as it is about getting a clear Vibrational message out that matches what you Desire.

You can just choose to deliberately shift your Vibrational message and get the result of manifesting and experiencing what you Desire. Then problems aren’t needed.

“Vibration is the language of the Soul, the Heart, the Mind and the Body combined. When you understand how to skillfully use the language of Vibration you open the gates to the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.”
Leianne Wilson

Your Inner Wisdom already know the Shortcut to manifesting what you Desire – Vibration.

Let’s keep in mind that Vibration is a language system. When you know how to communicate what you want you clearly get your message across and allow for results- Manifest More of What You Desire

The trick here is to get your Soul, Heart, Mind and Body all communicating the same message in Vibrational Language.

This exercise may seem ridiculously simple and not worth doing… BUT IT IS SO VALUABLE!!!
1-    It will amaze you to experience the power of VIBRATION!
2-    It will strengthen your Belief in what is possible when you use Vibration and your Power!
3-    It wakes up your awareness to Vibrational Language and using it to get more of what you Desire in Life!
I dare you to give it a go!

In this exercise we will be working with color. Color is rich in Vibration and will make a simple platform for easy communication in Vibrational language.
This whole exercise should take no more than a few minutes – unless you really want to go with it because it feels good!

Manifest More of What You Desire with Meditation

Step 1) Choose Your Color
Choose a color you find appealing on the color chart below. Any color will do as long as you feel comfortable and pleased by it.
Step 2) De-Stress
Get comfortable and close your eyes, take 5 deep breaths clearing away any stress and/or tension for the next few minutes.
Step 3) Visualize Your Color
Bring up in your memory and imagination the color you have chosen.
Step 4) Get All of You on the Same Vibrational Page!
           a. For your body imagine being wrapped in that color.
           b. For your Mind imagine being immersed in that color.
           c. For your Heart imagine pouring that color into your Heart.
           d. For Your Soul imagine radiating that color out and sharing it.
Step 5) Request
Focus on what you would like to Manifest More of, What You Desire! Say to yourself “I call this into my life”
Step 6) Pay Attention!!!!
Open your eyes and go about your day and rest of the week. Pay attention for I guarantee if you did this exercise as instructed that color will start popping up for you in all kinds of ways and places!! Notice it, acknowledge it! Smile to yourself when it shows up knowing you got a clear Vibrational message out and look what manifested!!

If your too lazy or doubtful to try this exercise on your own I invite you to Book a Coaching Session with me and discover how you can make Vibration work for you. We will get your Soul, Heart, Mind and Body working together and develop a strong Vibrational Message to Shape Your Life and start manifesting more of what you Desire!

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