Journey Within CD

Journey Within CD


These three guided meditations are the three best to get you in touch with "you” and open the doors for positive change! They are also the foundation meditations for the Life Shaping Program. They make meditating easy and pleasurable. Add them to you MP3 player (ipod). Enjoy background music and the sound of my voice lulling you into an altered state.

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Take a journey within to the Source of who you are and pump up your power.
You'll enjoy these Guided Meditations on your CD:

  • Discovering Your Sanctuary (15 minutes)
    This is the place you want to visit to refresh your soul, and get back in touch with your spiritual side. You will have the opportunity to play and be free and explore a place designed just for you!

  • Your Clear Space (30 minutes)
    This is a key meditation in the Life Shaping Program! It is a meditation that will get you in touch with who you really are, and the place within you that knows how powerful you are. You will learn to tap into unconditional love and bring back to your life renewed strength!

  • Raising Your Frequency (28 minutes)
    Get tuned in, tapped in and turned on! This meditation is geared towards firing up your energy centers and imagination. It is a power booster and will set you up for experiencing positive change in your life!