Trust Crises – It’s A Global Epidemic

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It’s worldwide, most citizens do not trust the people that lead them!

This nice little infographic was done in 2016 and does not include the smaller less highlighted countries with big problems like Belgium, Iceland and Ireland. What would this graph look like if they were all added in?

Why is this? What Happened? How far back does the lack of trust go and was there ever a time when you could trust your leadership? Will Daenerys Targaryan or Jon Snow be the first to be a trustworthy example of true leadership?

• Chart: The Countries That Trust The Government Most And Least | Statista

For centuries we have been putting up with people in charge that we can not trust!
We even accept and assume a degree of justified distrust that goes along with every Leader and consider that “Normal”.

For as long as we know Leaders have stood behind structure and told us what is good for us, how we need to behave, what kind of education we need and what is healthy.
They have shaped what is “Normal” and what constitutes a “Normal Life”.

Yet this life of paying to eat, working 40+ hours a week, occasionally vacationing, getting sick, going through the hospital black hole, saving for retirement, growing old and dying doesn’t seem “Normal” to me.

Does that seem “Normal” to you?

Yet we accept it on a mass scale trusting someday some Leader that we can trust will help make things better.

Trust needs to begin at home, within ourselves.

When we each carry trust from within it will shine out. It will shine so bright that the untrustworthy will have to move into the shadows. As our light grows, soon there will be no shadows left for the untrustworthy to hide.

How Trusting Are You?

Are you carrying the light of Trust so we can create Leaders worthy of Trust?

1)    Build Trust In Yourself First
We are the most important source of trust and we are also the biggest failure in the face of it. Most of us have let ourselves down many time over developing a subliminal distrust that forever lurks in the background. To call forth Leaders we can trust first we must be a trustworthy Leader to ourselves. We must lead by our own example and act in support of our wellbeing. That heals the past self-disappointments and allows us to act in accordance with what is in our wellbeing, and therefore the greater good. Doing that consistently builds a sturdy solid bond of trust with yourself!

2)    Build the Trust in Your Power
As human beings we are designed and built to program reality. That’s right, science has proven over and over again that we are manifesting machines. We create our reality using thought and feeling which literally uses frequencies to exchange information and form reality. That is POWERFUL! We each need to trust that power and build confidence in using it. Article Link

3)    Build Your Trust in a Bigger Picture
We could say this is about building your Faith in a Bigger Picture. Having a strong inner sense that life is all happening for rhyme and reason, there is a mightier flow in motion, a grand intelligence that has a gentle under riding purpose all playing a part puts you in a state of grace trusting that if you allow greater things than you can imagine can happen. This is one of the most difficult life lessons to tackle – Trusting Everything Is Already OK, even though it may not look or feel like it. Trusting a Bigger Picture and the availability of possibility.

It is up to us to get focused on what we trust, who we trust and most importantly be in integrity and alignment with our own self-trust. When we individually achieve that we will literally create through the Law of Attraction Leaders we can Trust and we will feel the passion and inspiration to support them as we together change the world.

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