What Napoleon Hill Couldn’t Tell You In His Book “Think and Grow Rich” – It’s All About Vibration!

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In a rare medium session Napoleon Hill confessed to Ether & Jerry Hicks that huge chunks of his book were taken out by the original Publishers because they didn’t think the public could wrap their heads around the concept of Vibration.
Or was it that they were looking to protect one of the most coveted secrets?

Napoleon Hill - Think and Grow Rich

If we all caught on to the fact that Vibration is running through everything, and we have as humans the natural ability to use Vibration to create abundance, fellowship, love and fulfillment… we would live in a very different world!
Tesla knew it and used Vibration to create a device to tap into it and create FREE ENERGY!
But that wouldn’t be good for big business now would it?

Can you imagine a world where you came home from work and use all your appliances by tapping into energy that already exists free of charge?
That is not only possible but doable when you begin to understand the nature of Vibration!

What is Vibration?

Everything is energy, including you. Our world is made up of a sea of particles or more like strings (according to Quantum Physics String Theory) swimming around interacting, moving, shifting and changing. Energy is always in motion, ever transient, always evolving.
All of that movement, motion and interaction creates a residual effect just like a stone thrown into a pond that ripples outward. The movement and interaction of energy leaves a signature, but that signature is alive, it resonates …it Vibrates.
That is Vibration!

Vibration is what happens when energy is interacting with energy (other particles or strings), creating an exchange that perpetuates energy evolving.
Everything Vibrates, because everything is made of energy.
Things that are alive, like you and I, or animals, plants, have a stronger more lively Vibration.
Your personal Vibration has been called your “aura”, your “energy field”, or by science your “electro-magnetic field”. It has been documented and captured using Kirlian Photography and other technical devices.

You as an individual have a unique Vibration, and your Vibration changes and shifts, always in motion, ever transient, just like energy.
What is Vibration made of? What is in Your Vibrational Energy Field?
Science is discovering that at the very core of energy is… Information!!
Every particle or string is comprised of bits of information.
Information that structures the Universe.
Information about DNA, the nature of life, how to create life and how to evolve…and much much more.

It is believed (and in the process of being proven by science) that every particle or string of energy holds within it a holographic library of all the information of All That Is. All that exists, has existed and will be – it’s all there.
This means that when energy is doing its thing – exchanging, interacting, evolving and creating Vibration…what it is really doing is exchanging information and evolving according to the information encoded in the Vibration.

The interaction of Energy creating the ripple effect of Vibration is carrying information. Information for energy to utilize to shift and evolve into form. That form may be as grand as a supernova or as simple as an opportunity that pops into your life.
So What is Vibration made of? What is in Your Vibrational Energy Field?
INFORMATION –  ALL Kinds Of Information!!!

Vibration is the effect of a natural process of information being communicated between energy… which is everything because everything is made of energy.
We live in a Universe made of energy that is constantly exchanging information. The world Vibrates with information. You Vibrate with information.
It is the process of understanding the information and what is being communicated that opens the doorway to being able to manifest anything you desire! That’s what Napoleon Hill wanted to say in his book.

Vibration is a language, a means to communicate information.
To you that means if you understand the language of Vibration – the messages or codes within it… you can shape your life and what you choose to experience!

“ When you understand Vibration you have the guidebook to designing your destiny.”
Leianne Wilson


If you understand the Language of Vibration you can direct the form of your life!
You can Shape your Life – Life Shaping!
In other words, everything that you are experiencing is a result of Vibration and the codes within it that direct energy into situations, conditions, opportunities, relationships. You name it, “it is“ because it has been manifested out of a code nested in Vibration.
Vibration is a vehicle for expressing information, important information about how to be, how to take form. 
Every Vibration has a signature, expressed as a Frequency – a message we could say that is looking to be expressed. Every Vibrational Frequency holds a code to express directions for energy to follow into form.
Vibration shapes the experience of your life.
You have the natural ability to understand and use Vibration to skillfully and purposefully shape your life!

Do Your Own Vibration Experiment!

To illustrate how Vibration can influence shaping your life try this experiment.
You will need:
1 Apple
2 Airtight jars that half of the Apple can Fit In
1 Sharpie Pen and Paper (Permanent Magic Marker)

What to Do:

Step 1) Slice the Apple in Half
Step 2) Put 1 Half of the Apple in Each Jar

Step 3) Take the Marker and write on one Jar or on a piece of paper to tape to jar “Thrive” on the other Jar write “Rot”

Step 4) Place the Jars on a shelf or counter out of direct sunlight about 6 inches apart. Put them somewhere you will be able to see them for 1 week.
Step 5) During the course of the week when you think of them or see them put your attention on 1 at a time for a few moments. When you Focus on the “Thrive” Apple Half imagine it continuing to grow on a tree being nourished by nature. When you focus on the “Rot” Apple Half imagine it turning dark and splotchy and eventually turning to mush.

Step 6) After 1 week check out your Apple Halves and compare them! If you did Steps 1-5 you will find the “Thrive” Apple Half is in much better condition than the “Rot” Apple Half!!
In this experiment when you label each Apple Half you are assigning it a Vibration – you are communicating a particular message of how you want the Energy of the Apple to take form. During the course of the week when you focus on imagining you are powerfully activating the Vibration and the message dictating how you wish to program energy to respond… and WOW it works!!!

When I work privately with clients we use variations of this experiment as an exercise in learning to skillfully direct Vibration. It is a great acknowledgement to the power we each hold. As they become more skilled at working with Vibration I can share with them more specific Techniques to apply the same principles. They learn to work with customized codes to apply to aspects of their lives. This shapes that aspect of their life into more of what they Desire. I call this Cracking Your Vibrational Code! You might enjoy the article and Widget – Riding the Vibrational Spiral!

Apple Experiment-You Tube

Abraham-Esther Hicks

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