What You Get with Life Shaping

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Life Shaping is a program, a course, a personal coach, online journal, and activity book, all rolled into one!

Life Shaping is an experiential program, so you will learn, engage in activities, practice techniques, use tools, and enjoy interactive media lessons while working one on one with me to master each concept and put it into practice into your life!

Here is what you will learn in Life Shaping:

About Your Power

  • What an incredibly powerful being you are
  • How to look at your world differently, and recognize your power to influence it
  • What is the source of your power and how to use it
  • How it is possible for you to influence life to get what you want

About Your Source of Power

  • What is The Ultimate Source of Power, and why it is the foundation of all possibility
  • How does The Ultimate Source affect your ability to manifest your desires
  • How to reconnect with The Ultimate Source to take full advantage of its power

About Your Inner Wisdom

  • How to access your own natural awesome resource center within, Your Inner Wisdom
  • How you can use this resource center to help you get anything you desire
  • An easy method of connecting with your Inner Wisdom
  • How to access your Inner Wisdom and find a better way to creatively handle things
  • How you can use your Inner Wisdom to guide you to your desires

About You

  • To clearly identify what about your life you don’t like, and what you want to change
  • How to turn what you don’t want in your life, into what you do want.
  • The unlimited potential of your mind
  • How to use your imagination for transformation and manifesting

Using Your Power

  • The way your mind thinks and feels
  • How your mind processes information moment to moment and why
  • Why you think and feel the way you do
  • How to observe the process your mind moves through for yourself
  • The art of observation and what it can teach you
  • How to become more aware of your mind’s process as it is happening
  • How to identify the stories your mind creates, which affect your experience of life
  • How to use your minds process to get more of what you desire
  • How your mind influences and shapes your life, as well as creates your experience of it

 About Your Emotions & Sensations

  • The powerful role of emotion and how it influences manifesting your desires
  • The natural cycle of emotion and how to use it to your advantage
  • To develop your skill at harnessing the power of emotion to serve your purposes
  • Something more powerful than emotions, your Sensation System
  • How Sensations can lead you to what you want
  • How Sensations can steer you clear of what you do not want

About Your Ego Mind

  • The job of Ego (the voice you here inside your head all day long) and its role in your life
  • Recognizing how your Ego steps in to save the day
  • The Five Core Fears are that make your Ego crazy
  • How your Ego makes things OK by using Coping Strategies
  • How the people in your life deal with fear and try to “Make It Ok”

 About Negativity

  • Why you experience discomfort or pain
  • Why everything in life doesn’t happen for a reason
  • What you miss out on when you allow habit to run your life

What Cuts Off Your Power

  • Why every time you use a Coping Strategy, you pay a price
  • How Coping Strategies get sneaky, complicated, and twisted
  • How your Ego and it’s habits, can get in the way of you getting what you want
  • How Ego sees life as a device to judge yourself by
  • Why Ego’s chases happiness for you every moment of every day
  • Why Ego feels it has failed you if you’re not happy
  • Why Self Esteem is really just a load of crap
  • How to stop wasting your time trying to “make it all ok”
  • How to re program your Ego and gain its support to manifest your desires

 About Transforming Your Life

  • How to shift your perceptions and gain a Fresh Perspective
  • How to apply getting a Fresh Perspective to manifesting your desires
  • Why the power of choice is so monumental
  • What is Transformation, and how does it take place
  • How you can transform old ways of thinking and feeling that do not serve you
  • How your ability to choose your thoughts & feelings makes a huge difference
  • How to use your Free Will to constructively influence life and manifest your choices
  • What is a miracle and how can you use your Free Will to create them in your life

 About Directing Your Power

  • The difference between a Chain Response and a Creative Solution
  • Using your Inner Wisdom to get Creative Solutions
  • How to use choice and your Free Will to develop Creative Solutions

 About Your Creativity

  • What is the true nature of creativity and how it affects your life
  • What is desire and why is it so important to manifesting
  • The Five Core desires you will always crave to fulfill
  • Understanding the nature of growth and challenge on your journey
  • How to pull it all together to shape your life

About Really Getting What You Desire

  • What is commitment and how it supports manifesting
  • Developing methods that keep you focused on your commitment
  • How you can use Ego to help keep you on track
  • How to use Free Will to keep Ego from slipping into its habits

About Using the Tools of Life

  • How to bring balance into your life
  • What is harmony and how it supports you on your journey
  • What is synchronicity and how to use it
  • How to use life as a feedback system to guide you through growth, to your desires

About Celebrating Your Success

  • Why honoring your past and present success creates the foundation of your future
  • How celebrating yourself and your journey rejuvenates you
  • The value of sharing success
  • Why Gratitude works and how to utilize it to get more of what you desire

    Julia Avatar

    I took the life-shaping course a few years ago and my life has completely transformed! I wasn’t very hopeful about anything… career, love-life, where I was in life in my mid-40’s. Now, for the last four years I have never been happier! I LOVE my new career, I am madly in love with a man who is madly in love with me, and so far, my 50’s are the best years of my life! Leianne’s course (and the requisite homework!) played an important role in my transformation. I had read alot of books, done a lot of seminars and workshops, but somehow she was able to touch me in a way no one else had. A light just flipped on one day, and my priority changed from pleasing everyone else to being happy. Best choice of my life and one I continue to make on a daily basis. Thanks for showing the way Lei. You are such a gift to the world!