Why Forgiveness Isn’t For Them – It’s For You

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Forgiveness isn’t something you just give to another; it is a gift you give yourself. When you are holding hurt, anger, resentment, righteousness, blame, judgment towards another there is always a deeper issue at hand. If you really listen to what is going on inside your head and heart you will discover that underneath it all you are beating yourself up for not being aware enough, allowing yourself to be set up for negativity, or angry for being a victim.

The real issue you are dealing is with yourself. The other person is actually just the catalyst for bringing to the surface your deeper issue. When some one else wrongs you it is actually a gift. It is an opportunity for you to heal a deeper issue within yourself. When you take into account the Law of Attraction you realize the opportunity was actually attracted in, usually because the issue needs to be healed or resolved in order to attract what you really desire. It is a process.

You have a choice how you relate to being wronged. You can blame some one else or take responsibility for what you have attracted in and address the deeper issue as a grand opportunity to get one step closer to manifesting your deeper desires. When you hold yourself accountable to choosing how you relate to life, and learning from it, you embrace the grace of forgiveness. Give yourself permission to let go of blame, especially self blame. Release the need to hold onto anger, hurt or shame. Learn from your circumstances, create a positive perception of why things are the way they are and release the past. This opens the door for the divine spirit of love to grace you with new possibilities and opportunities to realize your desires.

If you are having trouble forgiving the best place to start is to get in touch with what you are learning from your situation. Sometimes it is difficult to get that information clearly when you are stuck in blame, hurt or anger. Use this divination tool Serendipity to access your Inner Wisdom and get the answer. Simply enter into the “what you desire” box : healing & forgiveness in regards to____(a few word summary of the situation you are having difficulty forgiving) and hit go. Using the law of synchronicity your Inner Wisdom and the divine source of all that is will give you what your learning lesson is. Focus and the answer you receive and what in it’s explanation really speaks to you, and your healing process will begin.

If you have a Life Journal from doing the Life Shaping Program Log In and go to your “Classroom” page and enter as a personal note. Then go to your “Wish List” and add your request for healing using the guidance received from your visit to “Magic Puff Meadow”. That’s putting the law of attraction in action for yourself that will yield results and your own inner peace.

In writing up this piece I came across this great view of forgiveness. Check out this Commentary

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