Would you know a Trojan Horse if you saw one?

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But that never really sat right with me, and one day smarty pants thinking me “I know so much” started innocently digging/researching sound vibration, which led me to the Trojan Horse. Little did I know the depths of deceit and injustice I would discover hidden inside a package called “society” dressed up to look like a gift called “civilization”.

The story of the Trojan Horse…

After a long stalemate of struggling for power over the city of Troy the Greeks built a huge hollow wooden Horse. They hid some of their best men inside and left it as a gift (bait) sure the Trojans would take it within their city walls. The Greeks pretended to sail away leaving the impression they had finally given up, when in fact right under the Trojan’s noses warriors waited to attack and open the gates from the inside to let war and decimation in.

My years of research, following Rabbit Holes, and seeing other people’s research has led me to these very simple and steadfast conclusions…

1.      Our entire construct of society since the beginning of time has been built to enslave people while giving them the illusion they are free – The Trojan Horse!

(Who is the enslaver? That is a question to be answered when you go down the Rabbit Hole, or in this case – you look inside the Trojan Horse.)

2.      That the ultimate human experience is to wake up and realize…it doesn’t have to be this way!!!

(We can live in a society built on sharing, collaboration and trust, as opposed to one of greed, competition and distrust.)

3.      What the enslaver’s fear most…is us waking up, recognizing we have a Trojan Horse…and that it doesn’t have to be this way. It is our realization and choice to create something different/better, that is our ultimate POWER, our ultimate FREEDOM.

“We have the Power to change the world, one thought and heartfelt intention at a time!”

We have been led to believe that unless we are out picketing, lobbying or creating a non profit organization we are helpless to battle what lurks in the Trojan Horse, what lurks in the shadows, but that is what they want you to think so darkness can remain in the shadows.

In truth we each are very powerful, and collectively we can dissolve an army of Trojan Horses.
With the power of our mind!

Using our minds, our love, passion and desire we can move darkness out of the shadows into the light.

“Whah? You can’t fight with love or dreamy visions of the future!”
Or can you?

It has been scientifically proven over and over and over again (peer reviewed), when humans connect with their mind and heart they create a field of coherence (harmony) that when focused with intention can change ph levels of biological matter, increase or decrease the growth of bacteria, reprogram dna, change the direction a situation is headed in, manifest a parking space, and the list goes on.

Collectively, when we join with others and create a focused coherent field, science has documented and proven we can drop the crime rate by 70% across the globe, influence the weather, and effect the earth’s frequency (Schumann Resonance).

Did you know if 1 million people could be focused on happiness for 24hrs…the frequency of this planet would raise to one that no longer could sustain darkness – negativity…enslavement.

That’s right…24 hours of Happy= Disintegrating Evil.

That is the power you and I hold. That is all the power we need!

The Time to Use our Power is NOW!

Are you ready to look inside the Trojan Horse, take the Red Pill and go down the Rabbit Hole?

Are you willing to give up what you think you know for something that may be difficult to accept, but deep inside your gut you know to be true?

Are you ready to go through the discomfort awkward unknown and “realize”(wake up), in order to see new choices-new possibilities?

Are you willing to imagine (focus your mind and heart-intend) how life can be, full of joy, graceful and abundant?

Are you willing to spend more time focused on Happy?

Are you willing to be open to new possibilities and new ways of looking at things?

Are you willing to spend just a few minutes each day trusting our power, and knowing we are in the midst of transition into true FREEDOM and POWER?

If you are ready, curious, feel the calling…
begin a journey of mind blowing discovery that ultimately leads to reclaiming your power!
Check in with yourself and learn to work with your own inner truth vs. b.s meter.

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