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Whether you are having an Intuitive Reading or a Vibrational Therapy Session all information exists in a common Information field people often refer to as “Source” or simply “Energy”.

Just Like a Prayer, it doesn’t matter where you are, your prayer is heard in the information (quantum) field.

The Session Time is vibrationally happening in the information field so anything is accessible.

90% of my Clients are Serviced Remotely!!

Show Up, Be Present, Have a List of Questions ready if you are having an Intuitive Reading or an Intention for any other Session!

Try to take some time to relax and get centered just before your Session. Call in On Time and if this is your first Session have your contact information and payment already submitted so we can use all our time on you!

Have something available to take notes and you may want to schedule some free time for yourself after the Session to let it soak in. 

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