High Vibe Yoga

Experience what Yoga is really all about!

 Yoga has become more like a fitness method rather than what it is really all about…getting Tuned In, Tapped In and Turned On to using movement, breath and focus to enhance every aspect of your living experience!

Have you found something missing in your Yoga practice?

What is High Vibe Yoga?

High Vibe Yoga is a journey, a path to a deeper understanding of self, a connection with natural science, an adventure in transformation and a classroom of manifestation.

Based in Yogic traditions this form of Yoga takes ancient teachings and shares them through the light of new scientific discoveries and modern techniques.

What Makes High Vibe Yoga Different

High Vibe Yoga blends the art of Movement, Breath, Mudras and Heightened States of Awareness with Sound to train the Mind and one’s personal Vibrational Frequency into a greater state of Wellbeing. A typical class will include a mixture of slow deep tissue movement (postures) and flowing sequences.

The emphasis of this Yoga is to Raise your Vibration and train your energetic field to hold that Vibration. When you can sustain a High Vibe things in your life fall in to place and flow. Every aspect of your life improves and you enjoy inner peace and harmony in your outer life.

High Vibe Yoga mixes the art of intuition, personal growth and transformation to open up new possibilities of manifestation.
It is a form of yoga truly designed to get you Tuned In, Tapped In and Turned On to using the principles of yoga to Shape your Life!

Private Sessions

Get the full personal benefits of a private session devoted soley to your progression and greatest needs. Packages are available!

Small Group Classes

Share the High Vibe Experience with your friends. Practice with the people you enjoy! Small groups allow for special attention and catering to the groups needs and desires.

Events & Workshops

Check out the latest scheduled Workshops, Classes or Events. Have High Vibe Yoga in your studio or backyard! Host an Event