Life Shaping Oracle Deck

Card Message:

Challenge and growth ignite the fire within your Soul. With out the stimulation of change and expansion people fall into lifelessness, hopelessness and despair. Adventure sparks the creativity within and fuels the forces cultivating a wish into reality. In order to experience Stimulation there must be a sense of adventure. Adventure is simply the Challenge ahead, but it wouldn’t be Challenge if there wasn’t a taste of fear. It is moving beyond the fear that produces the feeling of excitement which ignites Stimulation. Focus on the process rather than the goal and you will reap the glory that comes from change.

This is an Desire Suit Card

This is your deep DESIRE! Underneath every wish there is a deep ache to fill one of the 5 Core Desires. There are five things, without fail, you constantly strive to experience as long as you are alive. When these core desires are being nourished you flourish as a being and in your life. This piece of guidance connects you to understanding which of the five core desires you need to nourish to help promote manifesting what you really Desire.