Wellness & Vitality

Wellness is something you Cultivate

then Vitality happens Naturally!

Wellness and Vitality

Wellness comes from nurturing and nourishing the whole system and focusing on what needs special attention.

Vitality comes as a result of nurturing and nourishing Wellness!

Vitality happens when Body, Mind and Soul are existing in a state of Wellness!


True health comes from the healing of Body, Mind and Soul.


It is all systems working together in harmony that create Wellness.


 The natural effect of all systems  maintaining that state of wellbeing.

Creating your Vital Wellness Plan

When I work with Clients to create a strategy for moving into a state of Vitality we look at you as a whole system that is expressing a story.

That story reveals the dis-ease that wants healing and what is needed. We just have to listen to the expression of it’s story in your body. The clues to bring you into wellness are already there for us to discover. I will guide you through a series of exercises, meditations and sessions to discover the clues and solve the mystery.

Then we will map out a journey of creating what Wellness is for you and cultivate the new practices to support it.

Together we will walk the path of Wellness to Vitality!

What Your Journey to Wellness & Vitality Includes:


Your Present Bio-Condition
Your Desired Sate of Wellbeing
The Story Your Body Tells
Supportive Habit Shift
Vital Care Plan


Your Present Belief State
Story Behind Bio Condition
Inner Wound Calling for Healing
Transformation of Beliefs
Anchoring New Belief Paths


Connect to Your Vitality Source
Your Grand Opportunity
Quantum Field Healing
Harmonize ALL Bio Systems
Attune All Energetic Bodies

Energetic Sound - Life Shaping Bowls

Energetic Sound

Attunement to awaken your super senses (6th sense)

Crystal Singing Bowl Attunement

Vibration Bath

Soft tones bring you into Deep Peace & Relaxation

Crystal Singing Bowl Bath

High Vibe Activation

Awakens Light Codes in your DNA (assisting Ascension)