Vibrational Therapy

What is Vibrational Therapy?

We are Beings made of Energy. When we are In-Tune with our natural state of healthy thriving  we experience a High Vibrational State which naturally moves the body into Wellbeing – Mentally, Emotionally, Physically and Spiritually.

When we are in that High Vibrational State life just flows and we heal, we Align with our most natural primal divine resonance. It is the ultimate experience of Coherence and living from an aligned self.

Vibrational Therapy leans on many modalities like Guided Meditation, Sound, Prayer and Entrainment to reset or upgrade your Vibrational Frequency to your Prime Unique Frequency which allows you to flourish.

Vibrational Therapy…

Vibrational Tune Up Session!

This Session is designed to get you Tuned Up, Tapped In and Turned On!

It is often used to maintain your Wellbeing, for Healing purposes (Physical, Mental, Emotional and/or Spiritual) or as a follow up to a Transformation Session,  or Life Shaping Session.


What You Can Expect:

  • Deep Relaxation
  • Transformation
  • Pain Relief
  • Clarity & Inner Peace
  • Deep Powerful Positive Change

You see Everything is made of Energy, all those particles of Energy are moving around, vibrating. Different rates of movement create different Vibrational Patterns (Signals/Frequencies). Those patterns give us the different experiences of matter like water versus a rock, or you, you are a set of Vibrational Patterns!

Those different Vibrational Patterns also give us the situations and conditions that show up in our lives. Your vibration is like a radio station sending out a unique signal. I call it your Unique Frequency. Many things effect the creation of your unique frequency… Your attitudes, beliefs, perceptions, emotions and physical health all create an individualized set of vibrations, which you cast out. Your unique frequency!

Your unique frequency has the power to influence energy and magnetically bring forth into your life situations and opportunities that match your unique frequency. In other words your unique frequency is shaping your life.

Hidden within you already exists the code and secret potential for you to vibrate at the frequency of your Greatest Wellbeing. I call this your Unique Prime Frequency!

When you are tuned to your Unique Prime Frequency you flourish, thrive and experience fulfillment! You get results! You feel good, you’re healthy.

Vibrational Therapy is used to harmonize your vibration and tune you back in to your Unique Prime Frequency! Much like bringing a musical instrument in to tune. Sound Vibration has been used all the way back to Lemuria and in every ancient civilization around the world to enhance healing. Its underlying purpose is always to utilize Sound Vibration to bring oneself in to harmony with their Unique Prime

Sound Energy Healing using Vibrational TherapyYou get to choose what area of your life you would like to focus on. A Vibrational Therapy Session is a great follow up after an Intuitive Reading or Transformation Session.

The concentrated focus of shifting Vibrational Frequencies through a combination of methods including sound, creates a strong foundation of intention to hold new supportive Vibrational Frequencies including your Unique Prime Frequency.

Together we Clean Up your Vibration and create a Coherent Frequency that sends out Clear Signals of what you Desire so things can easily flow and start showing up for you!

Personalized Follow Up Support Recordings and Tools are available to cement the shifts that have taken root in our session together.

Experience this unique blend of sound and imagery as Vibrational Therapy shifts you into Vibrational Wellbeing!

Yes! Remote Sessions work Perfectly!!

Crystal Singing Bowl Bath
“Thank you for sharing your Vibrational Therapy with me! You have been guided very appropriately to a very fitting and creative modality to match your already developed gifts, as well as your strong desire to help others heal and grow. I loved the Singing Bowl treatment and was happy to report the tones undoubtedly instigated some emotional healing!”
R. Jacobs